Mad scribblings and inexpert musing

Initial Commit

published: 26 Oct 2010 05:10:00AM

Well, I doubt there is anyone actually going to my website. I refuse to employ silly Google Analytics for a toy site like my own. I'm in the unfortunate position of being both rubbish at design, and very particular about it. Thus, I do something with my website that I like at the time, and then can't bring myself to go back to it because I know I won't like it and end up redoing it from scratch, but I have all of these things I've been meaning to write down. I guess I'll do it here. I picked posterous because I can just write myself emails and they accidentally become public, so I better not talk about the money I've stashed in the third tree on the left near the playground outside my old school...

Anyway, a number of things have happened since I last wrote anything longer than 140 chars on the internet. The whole microblagging thing is one of them. I have become somewhat enamored of, my usage of which increased heavily after I got a twitter account for my job. Not so much the format, though I do find it a challenge against my natural verbosity, but the people. People make a social network and Identi.cats are some of the coolest folk on the great wide online. Having been inspired by the work and play of my fellow #neckbeards and free software users, I decided to spend more time contributing back to community. I think a lot of this will come in the form of documentation, bug reporting, and baked goods for the locals. Part of this was reconstructing my online presence. So here I am. I make no promises of regularity, nor about what content will follow this, if any. But if I become moved to write about something, it will more than likely manifest itself here.

I guess, I guess I have a blog now,