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Santa Clara Swarm Coding

published: 21 Mar 2012 12:03:00AM

Clojure/west was last weekend. Needless to say it was a blast! I learned a ton and as ever, am totally charged up and excited to hack on a bunch of crazy ideas. One of the highlights of the weekend was participating in the Swarm Coding event led by @technomancy. If you were in the rogue Vim group I was hosting, I did eventually get the source up on GitHub here.

For others, is anyone interested in attending a South Bay Area Swarm Coding night once every couple of weeks or so? Since I'm the one putting it forward, I suggest we go somewhere in Santa Clara (I have a number of ideas as to where) but I'm also open to other areas so long as they don't crawl too far North. It's not that I don't love San Francisco but it's hard to get up there with school.

If anyone is interested, I'm attempting to schedule the first one for some night the week of April 1st through 7th. If you're not sure what Swarm Coding is, check out Phil's slides (pdf) from Clojure/west. In short, everyone logs into a shared tmux session running either Vim or Emacs and all collaborate on a project.

Don't be disuaded if you've never programmed in Clojure before, it's actually a really fun way to learn no matter what your initial skill level is. If there's a quorum of newcomers, we can also do a session on tooling before diving into the code.

Does this sound like the best idea? I haven't bothered to set up a mailing list or anything so if you're interested hit me up on, Twitter, or good old email and let me know which day of the week works best for you. Then I'll cast the information back out to everyone.

Come on out and have fun making Clojure stuff!