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Yet Another Blergh Engine

published: 4 Sep 2012 02:09:00AM

So a while ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to learn CSS by way of styling my own damn web zone. It was also clear that the only reason had for existing was hosting my blog, and it made sense to move that whole operation to the primary domain rather than having a cheap camping page page.

The C0deZ

The source for this page is up on GitHub here. It isn't pretty and it isn't meant to be. This is an organic, needs-based, project and if anyone else ever uses it then it will be their own damn mess.

What do I like about it?

  • Markdown
  • Mustache!
  • Minimal moving parts

What do I miss about Jekyll/Octopress?

  • Having everything working
  • Having someone else to blame
  • Not fucking Liquid, that's for sure
  • Probably lots of things I've totally forgotten about

There are plenty of things Octopress does that my shit doesn't: categories, RSS, that whole sidebar deal. I expect I'll miss those things eventually and implement them in some way that makes sense to me.

In the meantime, read this or don't. Tell me if I'm being stupid on Twitter