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What I haven't written about

published: 27 Jan 2014 08:01:00PM

In the last year, I haven't written about anything. Here's an incomplete list of things I haven't written about between trying to finish my undergraduate degrees and working at GitHub:

  • Building new mail servers for that don't suck as bad
  • Epic nerdy vintage computering
  • Making no progress trying to expand upon Sugar Free Ruby
  • Playing lots of video games
  • Reading a lot more non-fiction
  • Really though, the GitHub Flow
  • Running RailsBridge workshops
  • Teaching with Girls Who Code and Coder Dojo
  • Writing a programming course for kids

It's been a solid year and I wrote quite a bit privately but wish I'd taken the time to distill more of that and actually publish it. I make no guarantees to change this year, but I needed the catharsis of publishing something.